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Health management

Our employees' health in focus

The particular value of Hauff-Technik with regard to continuity, profitability and dynamism depends first and foremost on our employees. Our employees are not a resource – they are a valuable part of the Hauff family. Their health is therefore a matter close to our heart. We want to motivate our employees to stay fit and healthy.

  • Health management task force
    Our health management task force meets regularly to assess the current situation, develops and follows up on health measures introduced, identifies where action is needed and, if required, sets out new measures. The members of the task force are available to employees at all times as a point of contact on topics such as workplace integration management, examinations and check-ups and all other aspects of health promotion in the company. Close cooperation with our company doctor is a matter of course for us in this regard.

  • JobRad
    Cycling means taking responsibility – for oneself and for our environment. Hauff-Technik teamed up with JobRad in May 2019 to give our employees the opportunity to lease a bicycle. We want to make it easier for them to enjoy exercise, and motivate them to start cycling.

  • Sports and team events
    We offer a variety of sports activities for our employees. These include a running team, piloxing classes and a ball sports group. Our teams participate regularly in sports events and thus further promote team spirit.

  • Workplace design
    Extended periods of sitting can cause complications even at a young age. For this reason, workplace design also plays an important role for us. For example, our employees' desks are height-adjustable so that long-term damage can be prevented by varying body posture.