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Modernisation of the thermal power plant and new construction of a substation

SWK Stadtwerke Kaiserslautern Versorgungs-AG

Modernisation of the thermal power plant and new construction of a substation
With the groundbreaking ceremony for the modernisation of its thermal power plant, SWK Stadtwerke Kaiserslautern Versorgungs-AG is resolutely pursuing its objective of phasing-out coal burning at its power plant. After fully converting the first coal-fired furnace completely to natural gas, the municipal energy supplier is replacing its coal-fired unit 11 with state-of-the-art gas turbines. The investment volume amounts to some 65 million euros. 
In the number of cable entries with HSI150 K2/x double wall inserts, a sufficient number of reserve openings has been taken into account. 
Connection of the Hateflex hose to the wall inserts is implemented via the KES MA150 D system cover.
Thanks to its characteristics such as dimensional stability, kink resistance, suitability for building-over, weather and UV resistance, Hateflex spiral hose offers the ideal conditions for the safe and gentle laying of cables. 
The KES150 MA WE160 SG SET sleeve can be used both as a blind cover as well as for sealing the spiral hose. Here, the segmented ring technology enables adaptation of the individual cable diameter on-site. 
Hauff-Technik solutions
HSI150-K2/x cable entry systems 
HSI150 system cover 
14150 Hateflex spiral hose 
KES cable sealing 
Cable entry with permanently pressure-tight, flexible empty conduit system for gentle cable draw-in. 
Products used 
HSI150 D3x58 KS 
HSI150 D1x80 KS 
HSI150 D7x33 KS 
KES MA150 D 
Spiralschlauch Hateflex14150 
KES150 MA WE160 SG 1x48-83 SET 
Verwendete Produkte

System cover

cable seal with cold shrink-fit method

HSI150 D... KS
For use in wall insert and plastic flange HSI 150. The cold shrink sleeves support a wide area of application. …

Double wall insert

for setting in concrete

HSI150 K2/X
For the gastight and watertight connection on both sides of system seals for cables and cable ducts and …

System cover

with sleeve method for plastic spiral hoses

For use in wall insert and polymer flange HSI 150 and for connecting plastic spiral hoses. The seal is created …

Plastic spiral conduit hose for cable entry system

Flexible and very rugged plastic spiral hose. A pressure-tight cable entry system can be created using the …

Sealing set interchangeable insert

for cable seal at the end of the spiral hose

Sealing set with sleeve KES-M 150-WE including split interchangeable insert with segment ring technology for …