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Automobile test track ZalaZone Hungary

Sealing of all media pipes

Automobile test track ZalaZone Hungary
ZalaZONE is developing its new test and inspection site in Hungary step by step. The 265-hectare site is located in Zalaegerszeg and goes by the name of „ZalaZONE“. The test centre is to be the largest of its kind in Europe. Among other things, ZalaZONE offers a motorway section, a high-speed oval, a Smart City Zone for testing autonomous driving cars, and a handling course almost two kilometres long. Plus lots of test benches and test labs.
In order to realise one of these tests, some technical installations for the irrigation of the roadway were planned by the company HMP-Bau GmbH from Klagenfurt in Austria and built by the company RH-Tech plant construction from Poggersdorf (Austria).
A perfect interplay between Hauff-Technik GmbH & Co. KG, HMP-Bau GmbH and RH-Tech plant construction GmbH led us to success in this project, also from the point of view of economic efficiency.

BIM planning: 3D planning of the pipe routing in the slide gate chamber.
Here, the core drillings on site and the sealing variants from Hauff-Technik were already selected in advance so that work could be carried out economically in the later execution.
An exact result as a practical example of successful cooperation between the planner, the contractor and Hauff-Technik as the supplier.

Construction company
Sealing of the deep tanks for the provision of the required water. Professional sealing of the gate chambers for the track irrigation, the water obstacles and the aquaplaning basins.
Sealing of the pipelines according to the current state of technology
Products used
GKD 300
GKD 315
GKD 325
GKD 400
GKD 440
HRD450 G 1x355 b30 A2/EPDM55
HRD80 SG 1x6-41 b40 A2/EPDM55
HSD100 bis 300 SSG

Verwendete Produkte

Modular seal

Modular pipe seal

For sealing of newly to install pipes or already installed pipes inside core drilled holes or wall sleeves. …

Standard press seal

with graduated super segmented ring technology

For sealing of newly to install pipes or already installed pipes inside core drilled holes or wall sleeves. …