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Hauff-Technik starts with vaccination line

Even before the vaccination campaign began, it was clear that Hauff-Technik wanted to support its employees in the fight against the virus. As there is still too little vaccine, in contrast to the high demand, the company turned part of the lightweight hall located on the premises into a so-called vaccination line. "When our company doctor informed us about the receipt of the vaccine doses, we immediately started to set it up," says Claudia Braith from Corporate Communications. "In a previous employee survey, about 200 of the employees who work in Hermaringen spoke out in favour of vaccination. That was a clear statement to us and the management." 
The vaccination line consists of a total of three tents where registration, the educational talk and the subsequent vaccination take place. Several seats are available for the subsequent observation, which is carried out by trained first aiders. At present, employees can register for the vaccination on three dates via an online booking system. The necessary second vaccination is to take place in five weeks. By the end of August, all those willing to be vaccinated should have been vaccinated.
Since October last year, there has also been a testing centre on the premises. Here, voluntary and free-of-charge rapid antigen tests of the employees take place on a regular basis. Thanks to the excellent advice and support of the company doctor Dr. Viktoria Schenkengel and her team. "During the entire pandemic, we did not experience any major absences. Neither in production nor in administration. The regular and well-booked tests definitely played a major role in this," Claudia Braith is certain.