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Pipe seals

Always. Reliable. Tight.

Pipe seals

Press seals ensure that core drills or wall sleeves are sealed professionally in order to be absolutely gastight and watertight. Our portfolio of wall sleeve products will provide you with the ideal solution for any type of wall and any load case. Combined with our press seals, these products create the optimum sealing solution between building and supply line.

Press seals

The innovative press seals from Hauff-Technik provide you with every possible opportunity for reliable sealing of core drills or wall sleeves for one …

Wall sleeves

As an expert in sealing products, we know that a leakproof building entry starts with getting the “hole in the wall” right first time. It is for this …

Waste water entries

Alongside traditional connections such as those supplying power, gas, water and telecommunications, every home requires a connection for waste water. …